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What's coming up in 2023?

As the snow finally starts to melt in the Midwest, I cannot not reminisce about summer and sharing the beautiful waters of the world with more of you. This summer I am focusing my time more on Nauti Adventures, and skipping my late summer sailing charters in Europe. Though I really enjoy my sailing time in this area, I have work to do here! So what is the good news in this story? Good Question! Well, I get to offer you all more availability this summer abroad Nauti Adventures. Now there's no reason you can't get in on an amazing summer sailing trip!

This season I'm offering a few new items when it comes to booking a charter with me and Nauti Adventures. The first important change I made was to include an extra night aboard, for each charter. This will help guests with their travel and logistics when planning their charter. Now guests arrive the evening before, rather the start at 9 am. This allows guests to get settled and comfortable with the boat before we depart from the marina. This also helps so guests don't have to have an extra location for logging. My prices did go up, as the market dictated, but with this additional night aboard, and my cost increase, my prices are still lower than anyone else in the Apostle Islands offering these types of services. The next big change I made was early and late season pricing discounts. Now, when the weather is a bit cooler, but the area is no less beautiful, guests will receive a 5% discount when booking. I'm doing this in hopes to fill my late and early sailing seasons. Another great reason to book your charter soon. Not only to lock in your preferred dates, but possibly a discounted charter too!

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