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Sustainable Vacationing

One of the best parts of a sailing vacation with Nauti Adventures, but often overlooked, is the sustainability of this type of vacation. The marina we are harbored in, the boat you enjoy while sailing with us, using wind for propulsion and sun to collect energy, everything is environmentally friendly and sustainable on our charters. Feel good about taking your next vacation!

Our catamaran sailboat features many earth friendly features that make it a perfect platform for a sustainable vacation. The main feature being 650 sq ft of sail area used for propulsion. We won't get into the physics of it, but basically sails act like giant vertical wings, driving the wind around them, creating lift, or in a sailboat's case, forward propulsion. Free Gas!

The next feature that we are proud of is the 200 watts of solar power we added, after market. Solar panels harnesses the sun's energy and then converts it to electricity, which is then stored in large house batteries. This energy is used to power things like lights, fans and navigational equipment.

Another feature you wouldn't think is earth friendly is our diesel engines. Yes, they aren't as efficient and earth friendly as wind or electric propulsion (hopefully coming soon), but they are super efficient engines, burning only a cup an hour worth of fuel. Last season we used a total of 48 gallons of diesel the entire season! Diesel is easier and cleaner to produce than gasoline as well.

These are just some of the sustainable features on our sailboat. Check out this webpage with boat tour video to see them in action! Feel good about booking a sailing vacation with Nauti Adventures.

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