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Packing Tips for a Sailing Charter

Are you interested in, or going on a sailing trip soon? Here are 3 important packing tips for any sailing vacation....

Sea Sickness:

Even tried and true sailors can get a bout of sea sickness. The good news is there are many supplements that can help with this issue. Starting on a non-drowsy motion sickness supplement the day before your charter is a great, preventative way to handle sea sickness.


Don't do it! What the heck do you need this much stuff for?! You are going on a sailing vacation with just a few people. No reason to bring the house with you, you don't need it. Pack less, pack light, pack soft. Hard sided luggage is to big and bulky on a sailboat, and you just don't need it!


Heads (or bathrooms on a boat) is always an interesting subject, but once you get used to using the head on a boat, it's simple. Electric flush toilets, water saving appliances, hidden storage options. Using a boat bathroom is more like living with the Jetsons than the Flintstones!

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