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Our favorite three Apostles

Here are 3 of our favorite islands to stop at when visiting the beautiful Apostle Islands National Lakeshore this summer....

Raspberry Island

One of the most iconic landmarks in the Apostle Islands, Raspberry Island lighthouse is a must visit when touring the Apostle Islands. The island features one of the most beautiful sand-spits in all of the park, untouched natural wilderness, as well as the historic lighthouse to tour.

Stockton Island

Our favorite island in all of the Apostle Islands, Stockton Island is full of action and adventure. From historic rock quarries, to pristine beaches, this island has so much to see and do, including three different anchorages. Definitely a must see when visiting this beautiful area!

Sand Island

Sand Island is one of the more overlooked islands in the Apostle Islands, but it's one of the most unique. This island features amazing rock formations, a historic lighthouse to tour, pink sandy beaches and so much more. A hidden gem amongst the stunning jewels of the Apostle Islands.

These are just three of the 22 stunning islands of the Apostle Islands, and just the tip of the iceberg when talking about the majesty of this area. We encourage you to book a charter with us today, and choose your own favorite Apostle!

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