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Gay Sailing



Gay Sailing in the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior

Nauti Adventures is your home port for gay sailing adventures on Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. We are a gay owned and operated sailing charter company, specializing in gay sailing vacations. We know how it is trying to vacation as ourselves, in a world catered to our heterosexual counterparts, kinda boring. Well on a Nauti Adventures sailing charter you are free to vacation as you are, and how you want to. Does nude sailing interest you? Great, you are welcome to let it all hang out on our charters.


Now this might be a stretch for some, and that's OK! Bottom line is we want our guests to have the freedom to vacation the way they want to, as we don't yuck your yum!


Discover Gay Sailing

Meet Your Captain

Captain "Daddy" Beau

Captain Beau has been sailing the Apostle Islands since he was in diapers. Things are a little bigger now, but he still has a child's joy when it comes to sailing, especially in the Apostle Islands. He has sailed some 100,000 nautical miles in his life, in destinations like Greece, Brazil, Alaska, and the Bahamas. Though he learned to sail right here in the amazing Apostle Islands. No wonder he want's to share this beautiful area with other gay men.

You are in good hands with Captain Beau. He is discrete and professional, but also a handsome little devil! He's not one to shy away from a good nude sail or providing some bulge to quench some thirst, either. We promise a good time on your gay sailing adventure with Captain Beau manning the helm!


Glamping Gay Setup

Welcome aboard Nauti Adventures! Our boat is a 35' catamaran sailboat, with two hulls to provide our guests with a comfortable ride. The boat features one master state room with queen bed, a smaller guest room with double bed, a small crew cabin for Captain Beau, and the salon seating area transforms into a giant queen size bed and lounge pad. Many ways to stack the gays, in any number of sleeping arrangements, though the main lounge area is perfect for a group cuddle puddle!

Take a look at the video to see what the boat is like. A comfortable sailboat to explore the North Woods and perfect for your gay group of up to 5 guests. Yes, we allow 5 guests on gay charters!




Are you ready for an awesome Lake Superior sailing vacation?

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