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Apostle Islands

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Lake Superior


-Professionally Captained-

Nauti Adventures anchored off Stockton Island in Quarry Bay

Apostle Islands Sailing Charters

Nauti Adventures is home port to your next Apostle Islands sailing charter on beautiful Lake Superior. Based in Bayfield, Wisconsin, the official gateway to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, our professionally captained charters are like no other in the area. Join Captain Beau on an immersive sailing vacation aboard a catamaran sailboat exploring these remarkable islands. A one of a kind serene experience you can't get anywhere else in the world.

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  • 2 days and 2 nights

  • Includes up to 4 guests

  • Professionally Captained

Island Breeze

Breeze through the amazing Apostle Islands, taking all of the tranquil beauty in on your two day and two night sailing vacation. Anchor overnight at one of the many secluded anchorages and explore your home for the evening. A great taste of the Apostle Islands!

$1,550 USD

+ tax & fees

  • 3 days and 3 nights

  • Includes up to 4 guests

  • Professionally Captained

Island Sampler

Spend several days sampling a number of the Apostle Islands, anchoring overnight at two different islands. Guests are really able to explore the beauty, beaches, crystal clear water and mammoth rock formations this exotic location has to offer.

$2,250 USD

+ tax & fees

  • 4 days and 4 nights

  • Includes up to 4 guests

  • Professionally Captained

Island Hopper

Venture further into the Apostles Islands and do some deep exploration. The outer islands feature the most amazing rock formations and sea caves. Not to mention the peace and quiet. Out this far everything shines a little brighter, and is that much more special.

$2,950 USD

+ tax & fees

  • 5 days and 5 nights

  • Includes up to 4 guests

  • Professionally Captained

Island Diamond

See everything there is to Sea! Sail amongst all of the Apostle Islands, tour Bayfield, stop by Madeline Island and hit up Tom's Burnt Down Bar, hike Oak Island, tour the fish camp, and explore the sea caves. Truly immerse yourself in this spectacular sailing destination.

$3,650 USD

+ tax & fees

Guys enjoying a gay charter on Nauti Adventures

A Unique Charter Experience

When groups, up to 4 guests included, charter with us, they choose between one of our four Island Getaway Packages. We offer a two day / two night "Island Breeze" package, where guests can dip their toe into the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore for a few days, up to an adventure packed five day / five night charter called the "Island Extravaganza" package, where guests get to tour throughout the entire 22 island National Lakeshore park system.

Our charters are professionally captained and guided. Captain Beau is there to handle all of the boat related duties, as well as be your guide to shepherded guests on their vacation experience. You are in great hands with Captain Beau. He has sailed some 100,000 nautical miles, and started sailing right here in the Apostle Islands.

Our vessel is a 35' catamaran sailboat, manufactured in 2014 by Gemini Catamarans, and certified by the US Coast Guard for small group charters. You will have a safe, one of a kind experience gently sailing through the islands aboard Nauti Adventures. Guest benefit from chartering with us and a catamaran sailboat because they feature more space for our guests, larger sleeping areas, and they offer a flat, stable sailing experience. A perfect getaway for anyone wanting to dip their toe into sailing, or for a group looking to conquer another amazing sailing vacation!


  • Marina address and slip information:
    Marina Address: Port Superior Marina 34480 Port Superior Rd, Bayfield, WI 54814 Boat Slip: Pier 4, Slip 174B
  • Charter arrival and rentun times:
    Guests Arrival: 5 pm Guests Return: 3 pm Departure and return times can be adjusted. Please communicate these requests prior to your charter start date, to make accommodations.
  • Could I get sea sickness?
    Yes, it could happen, but let's take some of the worry out it for you. If you are prone to sea sickness, or you are unsure if you are, we recommend starting a Dramamine regimen the night before your charter start date. This will ensure you do not get sick while aboard, and you can always stop taking it if you feel comfortable during your trip.
  • What should I pack?
    We try and provide as much as we can on the boat, so you don't need to bring so much with you. Basically guests are responsible for persona items, and food and beverages. We provide linens, ice, coolers, bathroom supplies, and kitchen supplies. The boat and all of it's utilities are for you to use and enjoy while on charter. We even have extra sunscreen, Dramamine, and lots of games!
  • Are guests responsible for provisions?
    All guests are responsible for their own food and beverages while aboard. We provide coolers and ice for beverages. The boat has a full kitchen. Think of a camper kitchen when planning. The captain will provide his own food, but feel free to include him in your planning if you would like, but it's not required. Side Note: There are a couple restaurants within walking distance from the water, if you would like to take a break from some cooking. Also, Captain Beau is gluten free, so don't feel bad if he doesn't join you for a meal.
  • What do you mean be adventure ready?
    Granted we have a lot of comforts you will find at home, aboard, this is still an adventure vacation. You are experiencing what it is like to live aboard a sailboat and visit this national park like people have for hundreds of years. There is no AC, you will get bug bites, it might rain, a boat part might brake, you might even get poison ivy. These are some of the risks to this adventure, but the reward is so worth it!
  • What about linens?
    We have fresh linens for bedding and dishes, plus extra hand towels and towels for bathing. It's recommended that guests bring their own beach towels, as we would like to keep all linens aboard the vessel. We also do not have wash cloths for bathing. This should be considered a personal belonging and is the guests responsibility. There are new, clean pillows, but feel free to bring your own.
  • What is the music situation?
    For all your playlist needs, we have a bluetooth enabled sound system onboard. Make sure to download your favorite playlists and you'll be able to jam out to your favorite music while we sail along. Captain Beau enjoys boat music, so you can always ask him to play his favorite jams, but be ready for some Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers!
  • What should I use to pack?
    This is a sailing adventure similar to camping in a camper. Space is limited. Please don't pack hard sided luggage, it won't fit! A duffel bag is perfect and more than enough packing space for what you will need. They are easy to stow away, move around without damaging the boat, and easier to handle in small spaces. Honestly, people bring suitcases that wouldn't fit through the door!
  • What is the bathroom situation?
    The bathroom, or head as they are referred to on a boat, is like you would find in a camper. The head consists of a electric flush toilet, hand sink, mirrors and plenty of counter space. This room also doubles as a shower, if privacy is needed. Most guests enjoy the deck shower, for ease of use and the wonderful feeling of showering in nature. Remember, this is supposed to be a "roughing it "adventure.
  • What is the life jacket situation?
    We carry coast guard approved life jackets. They are very good at keeping you afloat and saving lives, but not very comfortable to wear. If you feel as though you will want to wear a life jacket, we suggest bringing your own. All children under 12 are required to wear a life jacket while underway. For the safety of your children, we ask that you bring your child's own life jacket.
  • What is the kitchen situation?
    Think of a small camper when you think of the kitchen amenities available to you. There is a 3 burner stove and small oven. Double sink, small fridge, outdoor propane grill and plenty of counter space. We have full dish settings for at least 6 people, plus all the pots, pans, bowls, utensils, knives, silverware, glasses, coffee makers, and normal spices you would need. We fall short of having a microwave and a blender. This is supposed to be roughing it! Everything is available for your use.
  • Where is a good place locally to buy groceries?
    Hansen's IGA - Washburn, Wisconsin A great local grocery store for ALL of your provisioning needs; including beer, wine & spirits.
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